Covid-19 Update

It is exciting news that places of worship are being permitted to allow up to 30% of capacity back into their buildings.

However, we want to proceed cautiously and prudently as we continue to prepare to re-open. Therefore, we will not be re-opening this week-end (June 28th), but plan to slowly open as we discern what and when is appropriate, and all measures taken in accordance to Public Health guidelines.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic,
all public in-person gatherings and meetings
will continue to be suspended until further notice,
However, we encourage you to join us online for our Worship Service,
and join others through practical, virtual means.

We'd love you to join us...!

Every Sunday morning, beginning at 11:00 am,
we have the privilege, honour, joy, and freedom
to get together to celebrate God,
His goodness, His love, and His truth.

When restrictions are lifted,
and the church building is opened appropriately,
we warmly welcome you as you
come in through our main entrance,
up the stairs to our Sanctuary.
You'll find some friendly, welcoming faces to greet you.
So, grab a name tag and a bulletin
and find a place.
Take a nice, deep breath,
and prepare your heart and mind.

Whether this is your first time to visit,
or you've been here for years,
or possibly coming back,
you are absolutely welcome!

If this is your first time here,
we encourage you to take
a Gift Bag on your way out.

We look forward to seeing you here once we are permitted to do so!

What to Expect

A friendly, genuine and welcoming community

A blend of contemporary and traditional styles of music, reading of Scripture, and prayer

Little Ripples or WAVEkids Programme

Christ-centred, Scripture-based preaching

Prayer Ministry willing to pray for you and with you

Time of Fellowship before and after the Worship Service

let's get social...