Are you looking to strengthen your relationship?

The Marriage Course
is for couples who are in a married or cohabiting relationship,
and seeking to strengthen their relationship.
Some couples do the Course to invest in their relationship,
while others need some urgent help.
Either way, the Course offers a lifetime of practical ideas and tools
to help keep your relationship strong.
The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles,
but designed for all couples with or without a church background.

Dates & Registration

Meeting on Friday nights is ideal at the end of the week,
and a great way to establish, or continue, "Date Night."
The Marriage Course is scheduled for the following dates,
provided we have a minimum number of couples registered to our programme:

May 10th - Strengthening Connection
May 17th - The Art of Communication
May 24th - Resolving Conflict
May 31st - The Power of Forgiveness
June 7th - The Impact of Family
June 14th - Good Sex
June 21st - Love in Action

*Please Note:
We will not be serving or providing meals,
so we encourage you to have dinner together ahead of time,
and we will be providing refreshments & desserts
as part of your Date Night.

What can I expect on the course?

The Marriage Course takes place over seven evenings, from 7:00pm until 9:15pm, starting off with a warm welcome, along with refreshments & desserts served each night.
Each session, you'll be sitting at your very own table, along with other couples and host, who will be leading your time together with practical video talks.
There is never any group work or discussions, and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner. And to provide some privacy, music is played so you can’t hear other couples, and they can’t hear you!
At the end of each session, you're given some homework to do together. This will help you to build on what you have heard and shared for the night, and give you the opportunity to consider and apply to your relationship.